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What We Do


  • Custom Cabinets
  • Volume Ceilings
  • Track Progress of Build
  • Personalized Experience
  • Missouri’s Best Incentive
  • Multiple Locations

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About Our Founder Travis Little

Travis grew up on a dairy farm in Clever Missouri. He learned at a young age to take responsibility for any task given to him and to not stop working until that task was finished correctly. Any construction projects which needed to be completed on the farm were always done by the family. This gave Travis a broad range of skills and respect for craftsmanship and hard work. After high school he went to MSU and obtained a degree in agriculture. In 2000 he built his first house for his family doing all of the work himself. In 2004 he took that skill into the market and began building homes for others. Since then he has built over 1000 homes in communities all around the Springfield area. Today he is still very involved with the Flintrock team and continues to be active in every aspect of the building process.

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