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Incentive Spring 2023 Flintrock

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Flintrock is not just a builder, we utilize care and craftsmanship to build homes where a lifetime of memories will be made. We understand that the road to homeownership is both exhilarating and challenging . At Flintrock we are proud to provide a stress free buying experience. An experience that gives you many options to turn your house into a home. Flintrock also recognizes this is a challenging time to buy a home. Prices are high and rates are higher. This is why we are proud to introduce our innovative and comprehensive Builder Incentive Program. This program is designed to transform your homeownership dream into a reality by overcoming the challenges associated with home ownership. This program encompasses a range of benefits, including permanent rate buy-downs, help with closing costs, and premium upgrades. In this in-depth exploration of our program we will delve into each facet of our program and demonstrate how Flintrock is committed to making homeownership accessible, affordable, and a reality for you.


I. Permanent Rate Buy-Downs: Lowering the Barriers to Entry

At Flintrock we firmly believe that home ownership should be within reach for all regardless of anyone’s unique circumstances. Our Permanent rate buy-downs serve as a cornerstone of our Builder Incentive Program. This empowers you to achieve your homeownership goals with ease.

Reduced Monthly Payments: Our Permanent rate buy-downs are strategically designed to reduce your monthly mortgage payments. By building special relationships with lenders and providing the funds to buy down your rates we aim to significantly lower your monthly payment. In this way Flintrock will help you successfully navigate the challenging mortgage environment we all currently find ourselves in. Your low rates will make you the envy of your friends with your monthly payments often being hundreds of dollars less per month than the current market.

Enhancing Affordability: Affordability is at the heart of our mission. By offering lower monthly payments, we make homeownership more accessible and attainable for a broader spectrum of prospective buyers. Your dream home should not come at the cost of your financial well-being.

Our Perspective: From our vantage point, Permanent rate buy-downs represent a win-win strategy. These incentives expedite the sales process, stimulate demand for our properties, and underscore our unwavering commitment to affordability and financial flexibility for our valued customers. These rate buydowns are not the typical teaser rates seen so often in the industry where your rate suddenly increases to unmanageable levels a year or two after your home purchase. These rates are permanent and will last the life of the loan leaving you with no surprises


II. Help with Closing Costs: Easing Your Transition

Closing costs can be an unexpected hurdle for homebuyers. Often causing financial stress during an already stressful and significant life transition. Flintrock is here to lend a helping hand through our closing cost assistance program, ensuring that your journey to homeownership is smooth and transparent.

Financial Relief: The significant price of closing costs can come as a surprise to many people. Quickly adding unexpected financial stress. Flintrock’s assistance with these costs ensures that your transition into homeownership is seamless, free from financial burdens, and marked by an enjoyable and stress free experience. Owning a new home should be a time of joy and contentment not stress and worry.

Competitive Advantage: In today’s competitive real estate market our commitment to helping you with your closing costs gives you a distinct advantage. We believe in providing you with the tools to succeed in a crowded market, thereby ensuring your success while others lose out on contract after contract. Our rate buy down program and closing cost assistance program will help you to save thousands of dollars up front and hundreds of dollars per month for the life of your loan.

Understanding the Terms: We place great importance on clarity and fairness. It’s essential for you to thoroughly review and understand the conditions and limitations associated with our closing cost assistance program. Please always feel free to reach out with any questions. There are no wrong questions and we are glad to help

III. Upgrade Items: Crafting Your Unique Dream Home

A house becomes a home when it reflects your individual and personal style. Flintrock recognizes this and offers premium upgrade items that allow you to personalize your new home to your exact specifications. Making it not your house but your home.

Customization and Personalization: Our extensive selection of premium upgrade options encompasses everything from top-of-the-line countertops with choices like granite and quartz to luxurious flooring, high-end appliances, and every top of the line amenity you can imagine. This level of customization empowers you to shape your home to perfectly align with your individual preferences and lifestyle.

Enhanced Home Value: Premium upgrades not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also add significant value. When you choose Flintrock you’re not just investing in a beautiful property, you’re making a sound financial decision that will create wealth for you in the long run. Home ownership is the bedrock of wealth building and the American dream.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Including upgrades in the initial purchase is often a more cost effective solution compared to post purchase upgrades or renovations. It also allows you to include these upgrades in your mortgage rather than having to pay for them out of pocket later or, even worse, having to finance them with much higher interest and shorter term financing. We understand that your time and resources are valuable, and our goal is to provide you with a home that meets your every desire from the day you move in.

Builder Expertise and Quality Assurance: Flintrock brings a wealth of expertise to selecting and installing premium upgrade items. This ensures not only quality but also consistency throughout our homes. We are proud to deliver homes that are not just beautiful but also built to stand the test of time. A home you will take pride in showing your friends and family.


IV. The Complete Flintrock Experience: More Than Just a Home

At Flintrock Homes, our Builder Incentive Program goes beyond the traditional boundaries of a home purchase. It’s about the complete experience of homeownership – a journey we are honored to share with you.

Community and Support: Our commitment to you extends beyond the sale. We build communi�es where you can thrive and connect with your neighbors. Our dedicated support teams are always ready to assist you in making your house a home.

Education and Resources: We believe that informed decisions lead to successful homeownership. That’s why we provide educational resources and guidance throughout your journey. Ensuring that you are equipped to make the best choices for you and your family.

Lease to purchase program: Nervous about the high interest rates but afraid home prices are only going to get higher. Ask us about our lease to purchase program. We have many options available that will allow you to lock in your home price now and be able to buy later when mortgage rates could potentially be lower.

Long-Term Relationships: We don’t just build homes. We build relationships. We are honored to be a part of your homeownership journey, and we are dedicated to being your trusted partner for years to come. Many of our clients who purchase their first home from us go on to buy their dream homes from us later in life.



Flintrock’s commitment to quality, service after the sale, and incentive program represent our unwavering commitment to redefining the home buying experience. You will experience a transparent stress free buying experience, be presented with a quality finished home, and experience superior service after the sale all while paying hundreds less a month than other home buyers today. Welcome to the Flintrock family!


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